brewing process

The Brewing Process

1) The brewing process begins with freshly milled and carefully selected malted barley.

2) The milled grain or grist is conveyed by an auger to the mash/lauter tun.

3) In the mash/lauter tun the malts are mixed (mashed) with hot water and steeped.

4) During mashing the malt enzymes convert the malt into a liquid sugar called wort, where afterward this clear wort is drawn off and transferred to the brewkettle.

5) In the brewkettle the wort is boiled and a variety of hops are added for flavoring, bitterness and aroma.

6) The wort is then channeled through a heat exchanger where it is cooled down from 200 degrees to room temperature and then transferred to a fermenter.

7) In the fermenter yeast cultures are added to the cooled wort and then fermentation occurs as the yeast breaks the sugar in the wort down to alcohol and CO2. Fermentation takes approximately 10-14 days for ales and at least 21 days for lagers.

8) When fermentation is finished for our lighter beers the yeast is filtered out and transferred to the bright beer or serving tanks. For our richer or darker beers the finished beer is simply transferred to the serving tanks.

9) In the serving tanks carbonation is added.

10) Beer is served directly from the serving tank via the tap tower to your glass. Cheers!